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The application sessions can migrate (internally) to any underlying available physical connection. Generally it is recommended to use the thin driver, but if there is some specific feature of the OCI driver that you just must have you may have to consider the The more obvious mapping to java.sql.Date was somewhat problematic as java.sql.Date does not include time information. The solution is to increase the startup size (-ms) and maximum size (-mx) of memory allocation pool.

This is a good solution when possible, however many applications contain generic code that relies on getObject, so it isn't always possible. As of JSE 6, the standard Java Service Provider Interface registers the drivers automatically. You are already "connected". This file is also platform independent, so you can use it on all platforms.

Oci Vs Thin Performance

Thanks, Sunil Reply to this Threaded Messages (9) Oracle Thin Driver Vs. The code is optimized for the common case where the JDBC programmer uses the most appropriate API for the column type. If you want maximum portability and performance, then use the JDBC Thin driver.

The next set of tests looked at reading BLOB data. It is a requirement that the data types of the IN and OUT parameter be the same. Yes. Difference Between Oracle Thin And Thick Driver PreparedStatement ps = null; ResultSet rs = null; try { ps = conn.prepareStatement(sql); try { rs = ps.executeQuery(); while ( { // process row } } finally { if (rs !=

Back to Top What happens if the type of the target parameter is not the same as the type assumed by the setXXX method? Thin Vs Oci Why are there new uses of the setXXXStream API's? The SQL standard array type is anonymous, that is the type "array of foo" does not have a name. For this set of tests we also used batch updates to see how that affected performance.

Oracle provides the following JDBC drivers: Thin driver It is a pure Java driver used on the client-side, without an Oracle client installation. Which Driver Is Called Thin Driver In Jdbc TechTarget Corporate Web Site|Media Kits|Reprints|Site Map All Rights Reserved, Copyright 2000 - 2,017, TechTarget|Terms of Use|Read our Privacy Statement TechTarget - The IT Media ROI Experts Programering Home Questions Articles Ask Privacy Please create a username to comment. Put the jar files in a convenient location and include the appropriate jar files in your classpath.

Thin Vs Oci

Jamie Post Reply Bookmark Topic Watch Topic New Topic Boost this thread! Don't I have to register the class OracleDriver with the DriverManager? Oci Vs Thin Performance (Solaris) Auxiliary native library for the JDBC OCI driver, for the native-XA (or Hetero-RM) feature. Jdbc Oci Driver Example Back to Top Is it a good idea to use e.g.

Where can I learn more about Java? have a peek at these guys Are Oracle's JDBC jar files identical on all platforms? That C library is part of the Oracle server process and communicates directly with the internal SQL engine inside calls and thus avoiding any network traffic. Can a Java Stored Procedure in one database instance open a connection to another database instance? Oracle Oci Driver Download

Put the username into the "user" property, and the password into the "password" property. Please use a property 'CONNECTION_PROPERTY_PROCESS_ESCAPES' in OracleConnection. That C library, called OCI (Oracle Call Interface), interacts with an Oracle database. check over here Note that although the method is not creating a new database connection (only a single implicit connection is used), it is returning a new java.sql.Connection object.

I was asking if you have any link that would describe differences in terms of all settings we need configure both on application side and server side. Jdbc Thin Vs Thick Driver Look at the JavaDoc for the oracle.jdbc.OracleCallableStatement.setXXX(String, ...) methods. What is the form of the description?

It should never be closed.

See your Java Virtual Machine vendors documentation for the effects that very large objects have on the Java memory management system. Of course this assumes the database server is listening for TCP/IP and not the legacy protocols that are only supported by OCI. Transaction Guard and Application Continuity for Java: When a database outage occurs, four problems confront applications:(1) hangs, (2) errors, (3) determining the outcome of in-flight work and (4) the resubmission of Oracle Oci Connection Example Back to Top For certain cases the driver is creating temporary lobs.

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We will deprecate use of the constructors very soon and would like to desupport them as soon as possible. Connections How do I open a connection to a database? getConnection(String, Properties) Some of the information is coded into the URL String parameter. The JDBC Thin driver does not require Oracle client software to be installed, but does require the server to be configured with a TCP/IP listener.   Because it is written entirely in

The BLOB is just read -- nothing is done with the contents. This is not an acceptable tradeoff. Thanks, -Ramesh Sun Microsystems. Oracle is replacing the SID mechanism for identifying databases with a new services approach.

Those operations are not enclosed in doPriviliged blocks. For the series of benchmarks in this section, the tests were run on two different client-server architectures. Implicit Connection Cache timeout thread:. The Server-Side Thin driver type is thin and there is no difference in your code between using the Thin driver from a client application or from inside a server.

This is true whether you are using getConnection() or defaultConnection() to make the connection. The rest is passed as key value pairs in the Properties parameter. Improving plant production performance with IT in the agriculture industry How is big data and IT helping the agriculture industry? In other words, a batch size of 40 is more efficient than a batch size of 1.

Finalizers have a huge performance penalty for all aspects of an application that run in a JVM with any finalizers. Failover configurations using TAF are supported by OCI only. In order for this to work you must have configured the file tnsnames.ora correctly Back to Top How do I use the Properties argument?