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There's also support for streaming audio - audio that plays as it's delivered, rather than making the user wait for a whole file to download - built right into the drivers. cc @mccallry Follow @ANANDTECH LINKS Home About Forums RSS Pipeline News Bench Galleries Terms of Use Copyright Policy Contact Us TOPICS CPUs Motherboards SSD/HDD GPUs Mobile Enterprise & IT There's also a header that lets you send PC speaker sound output out through the MX400's jacks, if you want, and the usual four pin "legacy" connector that you can hook Environmental audio is, usually, simpler; it's the simulation of what sounds do in particular spaces. his comment is here

This extra realism is more fun, and can be quite handy; as you crouch behind a crate with machine gun in hand, it doesn't hurt to be able to definitely tell What? I'll tired of Diamond products, and i'll never buy anything from them again!Can you imagine that I used to think Diamond was the best. There's Yamaha Soft Synthesiser, which uses CPU grunt to imitate a quite capable MIDI module for high quality music playback. check these guys out

The Card Index The Card Drivers & Software ESS Canyon3D & Sensaura Technology The Test Q3 P3/550 Performance Q3 Celeron300A Performance UT P3/550 Performance UT Celeron300A Performance Half-Life P3/550 Performance Half-Life This is one area where the Sensaura chipset has an advantage over the Vortex 2. There's a selection of sound player programs as well, and Diamond's RioPort Audio Manager, a perfectly good MP3 encoder, player and organiser.

Realtek HD Audio Driver R2.60 for Vist Diamond Drivers Top Download 1. But neither is it a poor choice; Sensaura technology with Diamond's drivers is definitely ready for prime time, the four speaker output sounds great, the S/PDIF connector is a nice touch The old MX300 uses Aureal's Vortex 2 chipset, which is still right up there with the best of them. About CNET Privacy Policy Ad Choice Terms of Use Mobile User Agreement Help Center

How do they fit all of that on? Diamond's drivers, though, cure all of the performance and channel number problems, and make the chipset a real contender. Join the discussion Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. Cheaper, even - it sells for $AU179 for the full retail boxed version.

Or they can drop the extra sounds on the floor and not play them at all. It is, apparently, possible to get the MX400 working in Linux, again without positional audio support. In practice, the stereo-panned-rear system actually works perfectly well most of the time - there's an occasional obvious transition when a sound source moves from one pair of speakers to the It can be simple, just applying canned reverb effects to the sound you hear, or it can be complex, actually "wavetracing" the sound so you get proper wall reflections and sound

  1. But recent machines can take MP3 decoding in stride, even in games, quite comfortably.
  2. In this context, MPC2 just describes the kind of connector used by various sound cards for internal analogue audio, for instance from CD-ROM drives and internal modems.
  3. Aureal's standard reference drivers work fine with the MX300, so it's now just as good as any newer Vortex 2 board, and supports all of the popular 3D sound Application Programming
  4. It all depends on what your sound card can do, and what your game wants.

Given that freebie pack-ins are often pure rubbish, all of this stuff together is actually pretty good. I've had 3 Diamond modems, the Rio mp3 player, and the MX400 sound card. Worse than a HDD ganeshts: @robertheron @Synology What is the 4K fisheye that you are using? Setting up Installing the MX400 is no harder than installing any other PCI sound card - pop case, turf out old sound card, insert and screw in new one, close case,

cards originally did four speaker mode the same way, but since the 2.0 version of the Live!Ware software they've supported proper four speaker HRTF sound too. A3D's super-fancy tricks have a significant effect on game frame rates on even fire-breathing machines, but you're not going to be doing things that complex with the MX400, because it can If you like it, you can buy it for $US14.95 over the Web and unlock it for full play, or pay less to rent it for a bit longer. The general consensus is that 448 kBps AC-3 sounds as good as any other 5.1 channel system, including the much heftier DTS (explained, along with the other DVD movie audio flavours,

Alternatively, they can just deliver extra sounds in ordinary stereo, with no fancy 3D effects. It doesn't matter how many speakers are playing the noise of that game object that's whizzing round and round you; it still only uses one channel. It's supported in DVD only by discs with an MPEG-2 soundtrack, and even then is very rare. weblink The Vortex 2 chipset has only 16 hardware 3D streams, but it's got another 60 channels for wall reflections in A3D 2.0 and above.

Which is just as well, because practically nobody has an audio-visual setup that can play it. It helped make the name "Voodoo" synonymous with fast 3D acceleration during that time frame. The various Sound Blaster Live!

Realtek HD Audio Driver 5.16r for Linu 9.

All rights reserved. They can do the 3D processing in software, but that causes a big performance hit. Well, here's the darn Diamond Monster Sound MX400 to upset the applecart. Sonic Sound: LX.

Early drivers for the Canyon3D were crummy, and led people to lump it in with other, cheaper Sensaura technology products, as no match for the Vortex 2 or Sound Blaster Live! Fortunately, the Canyon3D has plenty of hardware 3D channels to spare. 48, in fact, with the Diamond drivers. Which can sound quite weird. check over here With this card added, the MX300 will be able to encode MP3 data rather faster than even a high-end PC can with a software encoder.

Sensaura's "Virtual Ear" technology, for instance, lets you tweak the system's HRTFs to more accurately match your ears and playback system. "EnvironmentFX" is a canned reverb system; it's basically just what For home users, the Rio PC won't make much difference; even a modest Celeron box should be able to encode tracks in less time than it takes to play them, and