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I've use the latest version 1.47 from the web because the CD's version is 1.3 & 3Dfx is constantly making it better. 3DMark-99 Results 3DMark Results CPU Geometry Speed Rasterizer Score Voodoo Series Driver driverv3-w2k-figs-1.00.00.exe [more] 3dfx MVP Professional SE Video (AGP 8MB) [more] 3dfx Voodoo3 driverv3-w9x-1_05_00.exe [more] 3dfx The Pop-up-Menus tab gives you the control to remove or add in different items to the 'new' Diamond enhanced right-click menu. The V3-2000 retails at close to $200. his comment is here

The extra cost you're really paying is for a fully guarenteeed overclocked card. Remember this if you run your favourite game and it seems strangely slow; check your desktop colour depth. III XFree86 V3.3.3, 3dfx SVGA rpm XFree86 V3.3.3, 3dfx rushlib rpm XFree86 V3.3.3, 3dfx XF86Setup rpm 1243k RPM 11k RPM 185k RPM Select :: these 2 if you have XFree86 V3.3.3 have a good look at the board: The board is of the usual size mainly seating the Banshee chip behind the extremely flat heatsink+fan and is closely perimetered by 8pc of

Well, to be honest, it ain't that exciting. If you're a flight simulator aficionado, 1024 by 768 will probably be quite acceptably speedy. This is due to the Diamond Fusion not liking the 110Mhz or anything above it. Because of the way the rectangular pixels map onto the interlocking triads, though, you can only use about 75% of the apparent maximum resolution before the image gets fuzzy.

Anyway, the board also has 1 feature connector and has a Flash-Bios that is properly labelled with the Bios version that's loaded in it as of the time of producing it. Monster Fusion DriverManufacturersDiamond MultimediaDiamond Multimedia Systems, Inc.Supported Operating SystemsWindows 98, Windows 95File (3.2MB) Search All Diamond Multimedia Monster Fusion V. 1.02 Drivers Uploader NotesDrivers for Windows NT4 (service pack 3) Ok, enough of Canopus, let's go back to the Diamond! In case your Model has different clock rates, make sure you adjust them prior Installing in the .inf File, or after installation via the Overclocking Tab in the Driver's Options...

Even if your shiny new 17 or 19 inch monitor does accept humungous resolutions, they're not much use for anything but games - see the sidebar. The Monster Fusion works fine with Unreal, for instance (just as well, since it comes with it!), while Unreal on TNT cards is, at the time of writing, still not working And the Screen Saver has an on or off option, likely you could use it to switch off screen-savers that conflict with some games. The canonical pixels-per-inch figure for monitors is 72, corresponding to a .31mm dot pitch.

The Banshee is a single chipset that contains the pixel unit and 1 texel unit of the V2 engine + the integration of an advanced 128-bit 2D. Does much the same thing as Direct3D and Glide, but does it on any computer you care to name. After running 3Dmark99 tests with both Diamond and 3Dfx reference drivers, it seems that all most filtering methods like bilinear and trillinear filtering was disabled in the Diamond-drivers. Folks, 3dfx may not have even have been what it is today without Diamond's help, well, maybe.

I highly reconmend it for any system. Refresh rate: It's not enough that a given graphics system support the resolution and colour depth you want. Once the 16mb texture scenes load, the Banshee is crippled! In contrast, Diamond's older Monster 3D II using the Voodoo 2 chipset and running in 640 by 480 can at least keep up with the TNT's 1024 by 768 framerate.

Unless you spent several times as much on your monitor as you did on your computer, though, they're not likely to be good for anything but playing games. If you can only display 72 sharp pixels per inch, a "17 inch" monitor with a 12.5 by 9.25 inch viewable area is good for only 900 by 666 really sharp Discussion Thread Date Diamond Multimedia Diamond stealth 3d 2000 (Windows 95) [PCI / ISA] 1 reply Apr 8, 2014 Diamond Multimedia Stealth 2000 (Windows XP Home) [PCI / ISA] 1 reply Save yourself the aggravation - do like the docs say, and switch to VGA before installing.

So you can see that it's a small chore to move the mouse to the Start-button on every boot-up (that's why I got myself the SoftTouch keyboard with extra-buttons to assign Super 7: The current fastest motherboards for traditional, socketed, Pentium-style chips like the AMD K6, as opposed to the Slot 1 Pentium II and Celeron.Super 7 motherboards offer all the features driveragp165e.exe [more] Windows 95 & 98 VooDoo3 2000 [more] Windows 2000 Voodoo2 3D [more] Windows NT Voodoo2 driverv2-w9x-dx7-retail-3.02.02.exe [more] weblink Little did we know it would be the last 3dfx based card from Diamond.

Lately, it looks like many of Diamond's products are featuring EtronTech's ram chips. Diamond once again armed their Monster-2 line with the Voodoo-2 chip and 3dfx reigned for an even longer time as the fastest gaming solution thanks to the in-built Scan-Line-Interleave(SLI) technology that Voodoo Banshee drivervb-w2k-1.02.02-beta.exe [more] Windows 2000 newdev.dll [more] Windows 95 & 98 V2-1000 [more] Windows 95 & 98 Voodoo2 3D Accelerator

This will tell how much detail the card is able to show in close-up.

It's referred to as depth, and sometimes as bit depth, because of the concept of overlapping, stacked "bitplanes", planar arrays of ones and zeroes that, together, define the colour of each All rights reserved. This is only my case, so for others, the best thing to do is to re-install windows only from dos and if it still doesn't work well (like for me), edit Each displayed pixel must cover at least one red, one green and one blue dot - a "triad" - in order to be displayed correctly.

You can see that I've clicked elsewhere on the desktop but because of the InControl Tools, I can get the start-menu at the exact place that I've clicked. main blog index contactdan rssfeed twitter donations articles&tutorials reviews columns letters funstuff Diamond Monster Fusion Z100 AGP graphics card Review date: 10 December 1998. Pros: Cons: Plenty of 2D power, fine 3D performance Works OK on medium-speed machines Mature drivers with Glide support Higher resolution modes too slow for most users Needs to be cheaper check over here Since the dots are arranged in equilateral triangles, any given triad is 0.866 of the dot pitch away from any other one, and so the theoretical maximum number of pixels per

Only install if none is contained, or found to be older than the listed one ! The irony now is that the Banshee is only 1/2 a year old and has already been succeeded by the brand new V3 chipsets that are better value for money. A fair amount of stuff to play with, isn't it? You could buy the V3-2000 cheaper than this Fusion!

You couldn't go all that far overclocking this card, anyway, because it's already clocked higher than most Banshee boards. The other chief point of interest is the fan-cooled heatsink on the main chip; the ultra-low-profile fan is built into the heatsink, and the whole assembly is no bigger than the The PCB has a dark healthy green colour (darker than the one shown). An OEM version of it (quite rare though), sells at $190.

I have read before in some other reviews that the card is clocked higher than other Banshee's and it's true! Voodoo Banshee [more] Voodoo 1/2/3/4/5/Banshee driverAmigamerlin [more] Windows XP 3dfx Interactive, Inc.