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ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. The rework applies to PCB versions 210-0391-001-A and 210-0391-001-A3, it also might work on other revisions but has not been tested. FWIW, 800 MHz is the limit of the Samuel 2 (C5B) core. Trivia #2- The 6000 was planned from the inception of the VSA-100 chip family. 3dfx was working on testing power supplies for the V6K as far back as the 36th week

Due to lack of concrete information, details of the cards changes are as of yet undocumented. NOTE- The Intel version V5-6000 uses unique VSA-100 drivers due to the Intel bridge chip not having a pixel clock generator on the outside. The "PCI rework" as it is known is a fix by ex-3dfx engineer Hank Semenec to bring stability to the V6K so it can function in all modes. This really isn't rocket science in either case if you can handle a soldering iron.

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This page lists the last chipsets from each manufacturer that supported fully functional ISA slots for which I have been able to find example motherboards as evidence. AFAICT, Transmeta CPUs didn't appear in normal desktop PCs. Clearly not all non-Intel motherboards are suitable.

If you look close at the Comdex '99 mock up, you will see a spot on the PCB above the VGA connector for a mini Molex connector just like this one. Most notably, the Intel bridge chip on the revision 1 cards were replaced with a HiNT bridge chip on these models to solve severe motherboard compatibility issues. The problem is that V5 6000 uses analog SLI and it was necessary to divide the final RGB result by 2 in 4xFSAA. Dfi Qatar Common issue.

Established in 1981, DFI is a leading manufacturer of high-performance computing technology worldwide. Dfi Lanparty Motherboard NOTE #1- Have had zero problems running V5-6000 on BX based Intel boards. Running a 5000/5500/6000 on motherboard that doesn't properly support the board will fry it. The engineering tags indicate it is the first prototype of the 3900 series and has a 12 layer PCB.

Under 2000/XP the V5-6000 will only operate in single chip mode sources report, I'm told this is being looked into. Dfi Singapore Have not found an ISA motherboard with an ALi chipset for Slot A or Socket A. Just because a particular motherboard has a chipset that supports the 3.3 AGP voltage the 3dfx boards require doesn't mean the motherboard automatically supports 3.3 volt cards! AMD-Industrial motherboards None found.

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Feedback to voltage controller was fixed and power supply noise to display PLL was corrected." 3900-A Series FAQ and data sheet * x4 VSA-100 processors default clocked at 166mhz * It's a trap! Dfi Finance The following Socket 370 industrial boards with ISA slots are said to support the C3 in some places, but that information is sketchy and not corroborated by manuals or other evidence: Dfi Acronym One of the less worst options is to maintain a collection of working hardware and spare parts from the last days of ISA.

Example with ISA: MB865: LGA775, 800MT/s FSB, AGP 8×, max 2GiB PC3200 DDR RAM, max 3.8 GHz P4 (per manual). his comment is here If running Windows 2000 or XP there are several third party drivers available from The 3dfx VSA-100 reference drivers for Win95/98 will identify the card as a Voodoo5 6000 PCI, Distinguishable by the presence of a larger 'Intel' bridge chip located in the bottom left corner of the card, a lot if not most of these cards were not 100% operational So what does all this technical gibberish mean to you? Dfi Lanparty Bios

AGP is disabled by default on some ALi chipsets (ALi1541, ALi1647) to work around severe system stability problems with these chipsets. ... Very fast and stable with excellent hardware monitoring. The V4-4500 backplate is close but the upper support hole is in the wrong location. 6) Speaking of backplates- A few of the later V5-6000 floating around have been spotted with this contact form Voodoo Volts- Odd as it seems now in the current age of computers, the original V5-6000 included an external power supply.

The only reason the boards were run at 166mhz was the mistaken thought that the high speeds were causing instability during Anti-Aliasing mode use and this turned out to not be Dfi Architects Please double check before proceeding! Known issues: * Possible motherboard chipset compatibility issues. 'VIA' chipset based motherboards recommended. * FSAA Lockup issues on many makes of 6000 cards.

The Gamma table has to be computed for 7 bits with 8th bit MSB ignored.

FSB overclocks up to 133MHz can be attempted. Appendix A: Disclaimer for "max CPU" quotations The maximum CPU supported depends on the specific motherboard model, the hardware revision of the motherboard, and the version of BIOS that is on By ALi, for AMD CPUs: ALADDiN V (M1541/M1543C) Example with ISA: Gigabyte GA-5AX: Super Socket 7, 100MHz FSB, max 768MiB PC100 RAM, AGP 2×, max 550MHz K6-III CPU (per manual, with Dfi Motherboard Drivers ISA support was dropped by Intel in i810.

Only i810* and i815* appear on the C3 verified motherboard list. Trivia- A former employee of 3dfx indicates that typically when a batch of engineering samples were done that usually 10 were run off but never more then 20. Trivia #5- The Comdex '99 boards has 4 Voodoo 3-3500 chips! navigate here AMD-760 = AMD-761 northbridge + VIA 686B or AMD-766 southbridge.

If you happen to have good contacts at VIA ask them for me please -- Alan This appears to be BIOS not version dependent. Quantum3D obtained the rights for using VSA-100 chips under SLI mode right before 3dfx closed their doors. The V6K it is fitted to is a 3700-A with full PCI rework and worked perfect after a little massaging. Compatibility not certain depending of revision. 1.x tested ok with 3700 GIGABYTE 7VTXE VIA KT266 AMD system GIGABYTE 7VRX(P) VIA KT333 AMD system GIGABYTE GA-7DX AMD 761 AMD system INTEL D815EEA2

VIA-Industrial motherboards: CN700/815E/CLE266? This blog post from September 2012 says that an ISA/PCI bridge with working DMA is still available for embedded systems using AMD G-Series APUs; however, "DMA is achieved by virtualizing the The date of this item pre-dates ANY of the VSA-100 engineering samples by 8 weeks. Trivia- Several hundred of these boards are known to have been made, but noted to have flaws. 3700-A Series FAQ and data sheet * x4 VSA-100 processors default clocked at

DFI AM75-TC (KM133A): Max 2.133GHz Thoroughbred Athlon XP 2600+ CPU (mobo rev. The early boards have fast ram reflecting the early desire to run at 183mhz per spec. so the reported 50-60 watts of power is right in the ballpark. Reverse polarity to the board will cause the regulator to blow, I'm trying to find out now if anything else will too.

The Comdex'99 V5-6000 was a mock up board that did not and could not function. The 686B southbridge that was prevalent at the twilight of ISA became the most notorious of all after an epic conflict with the Sound Blaster Live!. By VIA, for VIA CPUs: Apollo Pro 133T Example with ISA: Gigabyte GA-6VTXE-A: Socket 370, 133 MHz FSB, max 1.5 GiB PC133 RAM, AGP 4×, max 800 MHz C3 (per manual). NOTE: Some Intel based 6000's have been reported good at 166mhz, while most (probably earlier model Intel's) will only work at 143mhz and below - depends on individual card * Rare

Popped diodes On some V6K it's noted that the diodes shown above are damaged.