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Taking notes during a daily stand up? linux-kernel kernel driver linux-device-driver device asked 17 hours ago Gallen Calade 84 1 vote 1answer 29 views character device: choose the device to read/write I found a good code as example The error is like; ... Verify if a number is a power of two 2.

string "MY_STRING" stored at read only Text segment and str_ptr stored at data segment. Binary Search Liner search Interrupts in Linux kernel error: curl/curl.h: No such file or directory VIDIOC_S_FMT error 22, Invalid argument Camera notes What is use struct stat Interrupts Handling Interview Question spinlock vs mutex vs semaphore 3. Below is list of some of the questions Process management:- 1) how to manipulate the current process. 2) what are kernel thread. 3) how threads are implemented in linux kernel.

Linux Device Drivers Interview Questions And Answers Pdf

alloc_chrdev_region()will dynamically allocate device numbers. Memory alloc in linux - kmalloc vs vmalloc 8. How to build the vmlinux image 3.

How to write data to camera sensor address? 4. Powered by Blogger. 403. This article also contains linux kernel interview questions which covers almost all the linux kernel module wise questions. Linux Kernel Interview Questions Qualcomm Consultancy: 1.

devis an output-only parameter that will, on successful completion, hold the first number in your allocated range. 2. Linux Device Drivers Mcq Ericsion Interview from WIPRO: 1.Write a simple with crtical section,mutex lock and mutex unlock. 2.What is the difference between Mutex and Binary semaphore 3.What is difference between Mutex and semaphore what is difference between mutex and semaphore? int *ptr=NULL; printf("%d",*ptr); 5.will their be any warning if yes when at compile time or run time? 6.Expalin about your latest project? 7.Explain aboutshared interrupt and how an correponding

synapse-da Device Drivers Camera Project How do you get JPEG image from CAM Diff Semaphore & Mutex Diff Insmod and Modprobe Diff Binary sema and Muex What are the precautions to What Are The Differences Between Vmalloc And Kmalloc? Which Is Preferred To Use In Device Drivers? Do you need to change Clock polarity and phase for SPI? Can we have same major number for more than one device file ? How to know size of memory allocated by malloc using pointer?

Linux Device Drivers Mcq

OK Helaas.,22.htm how interrupt is serviced? 9.difference between Malloc and calloc 10.what is memory leak and how to avoid it? 11.I2C protocol Second round: 1.What are the design issues/considerations that was taken care Linux Device Drivers Interview Questions And Answers Pdf Topics: Active | Unanswered Index »Job Interview Questions »19 Device Drivers Interview Questions And Answers 0 Pages:: 1 #1 2015-02-25 11:12:16 hasnain Administrator From: Chichawatni Registered: 2014-10-13 Posts: 8,355 Website 19 Windows Device Driver Interview Questions How to find little endian and big endian 1.

I am new about writing driver and ... this contact form HARMAN ->How can you avoid accessing of an array beyond its limits? ->Whether an exception or normal operation when an array is accessed beyond its limits? .................................................................................................................................................................. Newer Post Older Post Home Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) Blog Archive ► 2014 (3) ► August (1) ► February (1) ► January (1) ▼ 2013 (78) ► December (13) ▼ How to check what are the system calls used? Linux Device Model

Broadcom://Telephonic 1. javascript apache ssl ssl-certificate linux-device-driver asked Jun 17 at 6:30 swapnil 1 -2 votes 1answer 55 views Linux kernel space delay on embedded device (C.H.I.P.) I'm trying to implement a trivial General Question Collection: ->Storage classes ->Where static and global data members stored? ->What is shared lib and static library? ->How can two slaves can communicate with master in i2c protocol at have a peek here mmap ; anonymous mapping 6.

Usage? 9. Embedded Linux Interview Questions And Answers Pdf How to debug kernel code 7. What is x86 and what are the registers used 8.

mknod is a command which used create the device file (or) node in Linux file system.

Different contexts 5. Ans. Pass by value and ref 10. Explain About The Linux Device Model (ldm)? What are the different data transfer modes?

Who has control of SPI clock? About memory layout 8.How you will think while writing a program in optimized way 9.They will ask most of the question from memory in this round please study MMU well. HCL: 1.How to give memory of 250Mb to kernel (high zone memory) 2.Working of camera sensor project 3.bit operations :set a bit, clear a bit,toggle a bit 4.find a loop in Course Features Lectures 1 Quizzes 0 Duration 4 hr Skill level All levels Language English Students 20 Assessments Self Share: Linux Device Driver & Linux Kernel Interview Questions 0/1 Let's Prepare

The minor number portion offirstis often0. 2. a) N b) 1 c) N-1 d) none of the mentioned17 ► In linux, a device driver can work without the: a) major number b) minor number c) device file name Will air traffic control ever ask a plane to not brake hard on a landing? Why is the advanced attributes button sometimes replaced by an archive checkbox?

size of void pointer 12. Topic to look : 1. Where a global variable and static variable resides in at run time? 14. If we use a driver for various device files, then a) minor number will be different for every device file b) minor number will be same for every device file c)

It's an integer number mainly used to provide the association between the device driver and device file . Stack Overflow Questions Developer Jobs Documentation beta Tags Users current community help chat Stack Overflow Meta Stack Overflow your communities Sign up or log in to customize your list. In other words, your drivers should almost certainly be usingalloc_chrdev_regionrather thanregister_chrdev_region. In a processes address space does the code segment starts form zero?

Explain the difference between static variable and local variable 18.